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What causes sleep problems? Spread the love Sleep is an essential aspect of our lives that allows our bodies and minds to rest and rejuvenate. However, getting a decent night’s sleep can be difficult for many people. Sleep problems can arise due to various reasons, ranging from lifestyle factors to underlying medical conditions. In this article, we will explore ten common causes of sleep problems and provide insights on how to address them effectively. Source: What causes sleep problems?

Spread the love When you’re young, you don’t spend much time visualizing yourself as elderly. But, as time passes and your youth fades more into the past, you may yearn to return to those days. You really wish you could reclaim your young appearance, or you fondly recall a time when you didn’t have the same responsibilities as you do today. Rather than being afraid of aging, you should embrace it. There are numerous reasons why your finest days are ahead of you, and one of them is a life experience. Here are eight wonderful things you will learn as you become older. Source: 8 REASONS TO APPRECIATE AGING

When you are planning for change, how will you know you’ve succeeded? By knowing where you start and finish. There’s an old joke that goes something like this: a lost tourist stops a local and asks for directions to a particular place. The local thinks for a while and then says: “I know the place, but I wouldn’t start from here.” For anyone involved in change this raises an interesting conundrum: that it’s not only good to know where you are starting from but it’s essential to know just where you are going to finish – and what that place will look like when you finally arrive. Change has to be capable of being measured, but just how far do you need to move the needle to know that you have arrived and that the change has been successful? Source: HR Magazine – Why the success or failure of change…

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While most organizations are still tracking along on their journey to digital transformation, early adopters may feel like they’ve already crossed the finish line. But those sitting comfortably on their digitalization accomplishments may want to ask themselves whether those then-cutting-edge tools have since become outdated or even obsolete, and whether laying new tools on top of them is the most strategic approach — or does it risk creating a Frankenstack? Source: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Early Tech Adoption

Digital tools are helping employees perform their tasks and achieve goals more efficiently. Advancements in technology have catapulted businesses forward at an unprecedented rate. Yet some organizations remain where management has been reluctant to change traditional processes that have proven to be successful in the past to take the leap into new ways of working. Source: Sometimes You Have to Push the Digital Transformation Conversation

Companies are at a crossroads. With costly office space, uncertain macroeconomic conditions, and challenges to attract and retain talent, they can no longer wait to make decisions around workplace policies. Hybrid models are now the predominant approach, requiring onsite presence some of the time. A recent survey by BCG, for instance, found that 85% of companies have some type of hybrid configuration. Source: Design Better Hybrid Workplace Experiences With Empathy

When I consult with clients on developing a digital policy program, we almost always start by looking inward. We talk about their strategic goals, whether their current content strategy supports those goals, whether they’re exposing the business to unnecessary risks, whether their employees have the skills and resources they need, whether their IT infrastructure is sufficient, what security protocols are in place, how they maintain compliance with a hairball of laws and regulations, etc. Source: Do Your Digital Policies Include the Voice of the Customer?

The 2021 Gartner CIO Agenda (behind paywall) survey gathered data from 1,877 CIO respondents in 74 countries and all major industries, representing approximately $4.7 trillion in revenue/public-sector budgets and $85 billion in IT spending. The resulting report argues the support for remote work that the COVID-19 pandemic brought will be one of the biggest wins. CIOs now have the attention of the CEO, and they have convinced senior business leaders of the need to modernize technology. Source: Practical Tips for Digital Transformation

Data management, simply put, is the process by which an organization stores and distributes data around the digital workplace as well as figuring out the best and most compliant way to gather it. With the digital workplace built around applications that run off data or that enable workers to access data, data management and associated technologies are now one of the most important assets in an organization. Source: Data Management Is What Makes the Digital Workplace Work

As one of the leading trends in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to gain in popularity for marketers and sales professionals, and has grown to be an essential tool for brands that wish to provide a hyper-personalized, exceptional customer experience. The availability of AI-enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) software has brought AI to the enterprise without the high costs that were previously associated with the technology. Source: 4 Ways AI is Driving Better Customer Experience